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Bowen Level III Application
Gene Hummel, Instructor
You have completed the Basic I & II class and hopefully had six months of experience. Now its time to move forwardwith your training.
Level III is done over one day. The morning is a complete review of the basics. The afternoon is a test  that proves to us that you are a competent practitioner in Bowen therapy. We can now feel comfortable sending you referrals. The completion of this level also qualifies you to take the Advanced training.
Gene Hummel is a successful naturopathic physician who manages a busy practice in Barberton, Ohio. He learned Bowen Therapy in 1994 and has been an instructor since 1998, having taught it throughout the United States.
Workshop:   $50.00
- or - Mail Registration and Payment to:
    Dr.Gene Hummel
    1188 Wooster Road W.
    Barberton, Ohio 44203
Deposit:   $50.00
Registration closes 30 days prior to the seminar
For Information Contact: Gene Hummel (330) 825-6167
Bowen Class Application - Level III
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