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National Bowen Therapy Course Schedules

 2014 National Bowen Therapy Training Class Schedule

All classes are currently held at: 1188 Wooster Road West, Barberton, Ohio 

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We will gladly hold a class in your area for 20 or more participants..

Call us if you think you can arrange this: 330-825-6167 .






1 thru 7



National Bowen Therapy Training
BOWEN LEVEL 1 & 2 Seminars
See below to sign up or call 330-825-6167
Click here for Level I and II application and payment instructions

Barberton  Center

2017 classes

March 2nd - 4th

May 4th- 6th

Oct. 5th- 7th

Dec. 7th - 9th

Cost: $895.00

Beginners Class open to all.

Instructors: Dr. Hummel, Larry Dickey, Linda Neff

Training DVD available upon completion of this course.

I might add if you are doing research, that the basic I & II class that we teach includes all the basics that other associations teach in levels I thru VII. So the course is really a good value in comparison. By the way, level I and II is the way it was taught in the beginning before money became an issue.

Please be advised the deadline for applications to be in our hands is three weeks prior to class.

Phone: 330-825-6167


National Bowen Therapy Training - Certification Class, Level Three and Level Four

  • 2016  Advanced Class:
  • Nov. 3rd - 5th, 2016: class postponed to July 2017

      2017 Advanced Class

      July 20th - 22nd, 2017

Cost: $895.00 This includes level four.
Open to students of National Bowen Therapy Training having completed levels I and II, six months or more prior to this class.

Instructors: Dr. Gene Hummel, Larry Dickey

Click here for Level III application and payment instructions


National Bowen Therapy Training, Advanced Class, Level Four

You must have completed the certification class to be able to attend this class!

  •   Barberton, Ohio 

    2016 Advanced Bowen:

  • Nov. 3rd thru 5th; Postponed to July 2017

  • 2017 Advanced Class

  • July 20- 22, 2017

     Cost: $895.00   ( includes certification class)

    Open to students of National Bowen Therapy Training

Instructors: Dr. Gene Hummel, Larry Dickey, and Linda Neff
Click here for Level IV application and payment instructions

A typical class at Bowen Therapy Training  

If you are interested in any of the above classes please fill out the short application or call for more information.

If you would like a class near you. Please send us an email and where your located, when we have enough interested students in your area we will arrange a class.

Email: email Bowen Therapy Training  , or call Dr. Gene at 330-825-6167

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