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Bowen and ADD, ADHD, Autism
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Autism is a devastating affliction for many families.  So we at Bowen are selecting six autistic children to precipitate in a study to see if Bowen can have a positive effect.

We will publish the results of this study in this blog. So visit us often to see our results.

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Will Bowen Help Sexual Dysfunction - Natural Viagra?

Many people have come for Bowen therapy over the years and have asked will Bowen correct their problem.

I tell them all, Bowen therapy causes the body to rest and when the body goes into a state of deep relaxation it turns the body's own healer on.

Many of our clients have reported miracle changes in their body. This may or may not happen for you but one thing is for sure it won't hurt and there is a good chance it will help.

Most Bowen therapists charge from $35.00 to $65.00 for a session. I recommend at least five sessions.

If you want to find a practitioner in your area go to and look in your state.

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