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Level III and IV

Dr. Gene Hummel
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Level III and IV - Advanced
Registration closes 10 days prior to the seminar.

2019 Class

October 24, 25, 26th

Barberton, Ohio
Level III and IV Class Application and Registration Form

Level III - Certification Class:This is a must take class that is required before taking the Advanced Bowen Class.

The class is one day and is held immediately before the Advanced class so those flying in don't need to make two trips.

Morning :

A complete review of all moves taught in the Basic Bowen class.Questions will be answered pertaining to these moves.


The afternoon is set aside for the demonstration by the individual student to prove that they have a complete grasp of the Bowen moves and philosophy.

There is also a written exam to complete.

This reassures us that anyone referred to you as a client will get a simular experence.

Level IV - Advanced:

This is a class for the serious Bowen student that wants to take body balancing to a higher level.

To take this class you must have completed the Basic I and II class and the certification class.

Day one:
  • Advanced Abdominal disorders
  • Advanced Deep Sciatic and Tibialis Posterior
  • Advanced Shin
  • Advanced Pelvis
  • Advanced Groin Pull or Spasm
  • Advanced Vasius Lateralis - Sartorius
  • Advanced Shoulder and Neck moves
  • Advanced Pain under the Scapula moves
  • Advanced Psoas move
  • Advanced Ankle move
Day Two:
  • Advanced arm with relaxing moves
  • Advanced Torso
  • Advanced Vagus Nerve and Pubic Nerve moves
  • Advanced Breast with Lymphatic Drainage
  • Advanced Headaches
  • Advanced TMJ
  • Advanced Sacrum
  • Advanced optional moves -addresses the sacrum and back.
  • Advanced Hip Pain
Completing this class puts you among the elite Bowen Practioners. Please make us proud.

A typical class at Bowen Therapy Training

We will gladly hold a class in your area for 20 or more participants.
Call us if you think you can arrange this: 330-825-6167

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