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Level 4 - Advanced

Dr. Gene Hummel
(330) 825-6167

Level 4 - Advanced
Registration closes 10 days prior to the seminar.
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This is a class for the serious Bowen student that wants to take body balancing to a higher level.

To take this class you must have completed the Basic I and II class and the certification class.

Day one:
  • Advanced Abdominal disorders
  • Advanced Deep Sciatic and Tibialis Posterior
  • Advanced Shin
  • Advanced Pelvis
  • Advanced Groin Pull or Spasm
  • Advanced Vasius Lateralis - Sartorius
  • Advanced Shoulder and Neck moves
  • Advanced Pain under the Scapula moves
  • Advanced Psoas move
  • Advanced Ankle move
Day Two:
  • Advanced arm with relaxing moves
  • Advanced Torso
  • Advanced Vagus Nerve and Pubic Nerve moves
  • Advanced Breast with Lymphatic Drainage
  • Advanced Headaches
  • Advanced TMJ
  • Advanced Sacrum
  • Advanced optional moves -addresses the sacrum and back.
  • Advanced Hip Pain
Completing this class puts you among the elite Bowen Practioners. Please make us proud.

The cost of this class is: $895.00

Please contact us at: (330) 825-6167

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