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Massage therapists -  Put magic in your hands!

Bowen therapy allows you to make major changes in the client's body immediately.

One of the major complaints that we've heard from most massage therapists is that after five years of practice they begin to burn out.  Pain in our hands and arms make doing massage and ordeal.

Bowen therapy allows the therapist to use a very light touch while working the body, eliminating the stress of massage.

The two minute wait between the major Bowen moves allows the massage therapist to see more than one person at a time.  This results in an increased income stream.

Since the Bowen client does not have to take off his clothes there is a lower laundry bill for the massage therapist.  Another savings in time and money.

You can now work longer without that beat up feeling.

Many of the national massage associations are now recognizing Bowen therapy and allowing CEU'S to be earned by taking the Bowen Therapy Training classes.

Give yourself a treat take our Bowen therapy class you'll be glad you did.

We are also approved by the Oklahoma physical therapy board for 22 CE. hours.

California board of  Registered Nursing CEP 15928

APTA - Ohio component, approval number  09S1394
Physical Therapists and assistants  21.75 CE. Hours

Talk to Dr Gene Hummel right now about why massage practitioners are adding Bowen Therapy to the therapies that they provide  (303) 990-2829
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