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National Bowen Therapy Training
Level 3

Dr. Gene Hummel
(330) 825-6167

Level 3 part of level 4
$895 includes level 4
Registration closes 10 days prior to the seminar.
Class Schedules
Level III,
Certification Class

This is a must take class that is required before taking the Advanced Bowen Class.
The class is one day and is held immediately before the Advanced class so those flying in don't need to make two trips.

Morning :

    A complete review of all moves taught in the Basic Bowen class.Questions will be answered pertaining to these moves.


The afternoon is set aside for the demonstration by the individual student to prove that they have a complete grasp of the Bowen moves and philosophy.

There is also a written exam to complete.

This reassures us that anyone referred to you as a client will get a simular experence.

The cost of this class is $50.00.

Please contact us at: (330) 825-6167

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