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Student Testimonials

Larry Dickey, LMT - Canton, Ohio
"First took the Bowen seminar in March 2004 and have retaken the class each time since. Bowen has changed my life ,my clients life and how I do business. Bowen gets lasting results . The classes are the best and Dr Hummel is a genius when it comes to Bowen and natural medicine."

Dr. Mark Schueler, DC., BT.

Says, I enjoyed the Basic Bowen Therapy training immensely. I found Dr. Hummel's instruction to be clear, specific and true to the original Bowen technique.

Judy Elgin, RN, MSN, GNP

"The advanced class has cementedĀ  my belief that Bowen moves can change lives and do so quickly. This class provided knowledge I wanted to help my clients with more difficult issues. Thanks to Dr. Gene and Larry for a modality that has changed my life for the better!"
Allison Williams
"The Advanced Bowen Therapy is a great addition to Basic Bowen I and II. Dr. Hummel and Larry Dicky are very helpful with hands on learning. I have learned so many more in depth techniques that I am excited to use Advanced Bowen on my family and clients!"
Marcia Vahila, LMT
"What I got from the class. Dr. Hummel and Larry Dickey gave excellent education and support materials. There were pleasant comfortable surroundings to practice in. I experience several healings in my body and posture as a result of receiving Bowen therapy in class. I am very excited about how doing Bowen will enhance my bodywork practice. The class was sure enjoyable."
Paul Anthony
The Bowen class was an absolutely fascinating experience. I personally had changes occurred in my body that had been problematic for many years. Anyone interested in furthering their ability to help people and themselves should investigate this wonderful modality.
Thank you Dr. Gene,
Phil Klem, LMT
A great augmentation to the body work I've been doing for the last seven years. Much more seems to be accomplished with much less effort and stress on the practitioner.

Brenda says,
I did not need to be a professional in the field to understand the class. After the second day I was able to work on my 81 year old mom and improve her neck problems with just what I had learned in class. Excellent class. Instructors make sure that the moves were understood and done correctly. The pace of the class was right.

Laura says,
I have been a massage therapist for eight years and have taken many continuing education seminars. Thank you Dr. Hummel for your expert instruction, good humor, and support staff and for giving us plenty of hands-on time to practice these valuable techniques.

Patricia H. says,
I have been to many training seminars, but none that can compare to Dr. Gene Hummel's Bowen therapy training level I and two. He is the genuine article. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach to Bowen therapy is refreshing. The class size was small enough to allow Dr. Hummel and his wonderful assistants Linda and Larry to teach thoroughly, with plenty of one on one time for each student. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge inĀ  this valuable healing art.

Marchell say's,
I came into this class with high expectations. What I learned far surpassed what I could have anticipated. The three instructors were terrific. For anyone wanting to truly help others this is a must take class.

Joe says,
You don't have to be a physician or massage therapist to take this class. Instructors explain Bowen therapy in a way that anyone can understand and practice at a high level.

Sandy says,
I thoroughly enjoyed this Bowen class and the instructors. I have had three previous classes with different instructors so I had a basic knowledge of Bowen. Dr. Gene's class taught me how to sharpen my moves to the true Australian teaching of Tom Bowen. I'm looking forward to taking the advanced classes from Dr. Gene. Trinda Wagner, LMT
I cannot wait to use the Bowen technique in my practice because it will allow me to help more people in a fraction of the time.
Allison Williams
This was my second time taking this class and it is priceless to see where I have improved and areas I forgot. Bowen therapy is life-changing!
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