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Hello, Let your CEU's work for you. Let me tell you how to help more people, increase your profit, and save your energy.

This video tells the story Bowen Therapy helps your profession in the following ways:
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Why Bowen?

Hello, I'm Dr. Gene Hummel,
   : Founder of Bowen Therapy Training

The audio to the left discusses how Bowen Therapy helps your profession in the following ways:

  1. Work on three to five people at a time. Just a one-hour session.

  2. No laundry to do.

  3. Clients do not have to remove their clothing.

  4. Help eliminate sexual dysfunction, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, back pain, Chronic headache, and much more.

  5. Has Cranial sacral effects without the big learning curve and at a fraction of the cost.

  6. . Has lymphatic drainage effects without taking a separate course.

SEE it work here:   Power of Bowen in Your Hands Video

In 1989, at a naturopathic convention in Phoenix, Arizona I was exposed to Bowen therapy.
As a naturopathic doctor with an acupuncture background I knew immediately the importance of this work.
Beginning new with no body work experience, I was fortunate to have Ozzie Rentsch as my beginning instructor and the late Milton Albrecht as my advanced Bowen Therapy training instructor.
I would also like to thank Tom Bowen for all the hard and relentless work he did in developing this life giving therapy.
My intent is to duplicate as close as possible their training efforts.
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